English Language Arts (or Literacy)

As part of the literacy program, students in all grades read independently for 15 minutes every day (Individualized Daily Reading) and have a 30-minute Read Aloud and Vocabulary lesson. In addition, reading comprehension, writing, and research skills are explicitly taught and applied in Social Studies and Science classes. Each of these instructional elements is strategically infused with technology skills, including typing, computer navigation, and online research.


The balanced literacy program for grades TK - 2 includes direct and guided instruction in fluency, phonics, vocabulary, comprehension, grammar, handwriting, and writing in teacher-led groups and centers. Students in grades 3 - 8 continue with direct and guided instruction in vocabulary, comprehension, grammar, and writing. In addition, they engage in Literature Circles that develop advanced comprehension and critical thinking skills and Writer’s Workshop that expands students’ abilities to revise, edit, organize, and evaluate.