Spanish: Prepsters in grades TK – 2 have the opportunity to develop or build upon existing Spanish language skills.

 Music: Prepsters in grades 3 - 8 have the opportunity to explore Music with a curriculum founded on the principals of the American adaptation of the German music methodology of Orff-Schulwerk. Through imitation, exploration, improvisation, and composition, Prepsters are exposed to music through natural, organic play. This methodology has allowed students to participate in music successfully, regardless of past exposure. Prepsters explore music throughout history, music of cultures throughout the world, and basic music theory principals. The program has continued to grow into middle school, with annual performances, plays, the development of vocal studies, and is dedicated to our PREP values, preparing our students to be citizens of the world.

 Arts: Prepsters in grades 3 – 8 study arts disciplines including visual art, music, theater, and dance through a variety of modalities. Arts classes integrate history, culture, creative production, reflection and evaluation of work products, and open-ended questioning to advance critical thinking skills and creative expression.

 Technology: Prepsters in grades 3 – 8 attend weekly Technology classes to learn typing, coding, online navigation, and website development. These classes will continue to evolve to reflect current technologies and the attendant skills required for educational access and future college and career success.

 Physical Education: The Mission Preparatory School’s physical education curriculum reflects California State Standards and teaches students the importance of a fit and healthy lifestyle. Physical education classes are designed to develop motor skills and an understanding of common sports and forms of physical movement (i.e. yoga, dance, martial arts). The curriculum prepares students for the California Physical Education test, teaches students how to play different sports and games, and reinforces the concepts of fitness, nutrition, teamwork, and fair play.