School Day

At the Mission Preparatory School, every minute of learning counts. In order to ensure that Prepsters have the knowledge and skills needed to be high school ready, Mission Prep operates with an extended school day and extended school year. Each day is full of rigorous learning opportunities in both academic content and enrichment experiences. The school year includes 190 instructional days, which exceeds the number of instructional days in the local schools by 10 days. The standard instructional day operates from 7:50 am to 3:55 pm. On Wednesdays, the instructional day operates from 7:50 am to 2:25 pm. The design of each instructional day at Mission Prep is crafted in alignment with the school‘s college-preparatory mission and vision. Each daily schedule is designed to ensure all students develop and master the academic and non-academic skills at their grade level or above.

Sample Daily Schedule