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Faculty & Staff

Our passionate, hard-working staff ensure that our mission and vision are a reality for our Prepsters each and every day. Committed to excellence and to changing the trajectory of our students’ lives, our staff work relentlessly with our students, families, and community members to provide an engaging and rigorous learning environment where every student can thrive. Each and every teammate plays an integral role in supporting our mission!
Faculty 2018-19
Administrative Team
Kris MacDonald, Executive Director
Meaghan Quinn, School Director
Bianca Cierra-Wong, High School Readiness Advisor
Claudia Jauregui, Business & Operations Manager
Kendra Feeley, Systems Consultant
Kathryn Klamm, Dean of Culture & Instruction
Tanvi Desai, Dean of School Team Operations
Luigi Barraza, Media & Design Coordinator (Atlas Corps Fellow)
Lorraine Hernandez, Front Office Coordinator
Laura Camargo, Office Communications Support

Operations Support Team
Rosario Melendez

Special Education Team
Melina Wezerek, Coordinator
Elena Sullivan

Classroom Teachers
Candice Exum
Claudia Martinez
Kaeley Burzycki
Quincy Lucero Long
Natalina Cosenza
Colum O'Connor
Kelsey DeBerry
Julia Walters
Amy Pinkus
Kelly Grimes
Katherine Henley
John D'Antonio
Ann Zatsman
Charles Noel
Erica Stewart

Grade Level Teachers
Rafael Arriaza
Taylor Torres
Sarah Wartman
Suzanne Cardenas

Enrichment Teachers
Chelsea Doherty
Kate Morrison
Carl Carpenter
Lupe Quijada

Teaching Assistants
Angelica Lapid (Giee)
Pamela Carmenates
Pamela Caro
Yoalli Correa
Jonathan Estrada
Matt Nielsen