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Mission Prep Charter Renewal Process


Support Mission Prep's Charter Renewal this Fall

Let's make Every child. Every minute. Every day. a reality for the next seven years!

All public charter schools must periodically renew their contract with their district in order to continue operating. Mission Prep has submitted our charter renewal on August 28th, 2020. The school has prepared a written renewal application that describes our educational program, our student achievement data, and our governing policies. We will be submitting this application to the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD), and presenting it to the SFUSD board. Ultimately, the SFUSD board will decide whether or not to grant our renewal application.

While this is far from the only time to review our school policies, it is a nice opportunity to take stock of all that is working well, and all that could be improved to better achieve our mission. That’s why we’re so excited for this opportunity to hear from families and community members about how we can strengthen our application. 

How can MP Families support our charter renewal?
Family and community input is an  important piece of the charter renewal process. We want to make sure that our school’s charter renewal application reflects the hopes and feedback of our community. Support our renewal with the following actions:
1. Review the Executive Summary that summarizes our renewal petition. You can request sections, ask questions, or provide feedback by emailing Ms. MacDonald (kmacdonald@missionpreparatory.org) or Daniel Goldberg, Board Secretary (danielgoldberg02@gmail.com). Find the Executive Summary to the right under "Mission Prep Renewal Executive Summary".
2. Join one of our upcoming Family Feedback Sessions and ask questions and share comments and feedback. Family Feedback Sessions will occur at the following dates/times:
    • Wednesday, August 12th at 4:00pm
    • Thursday, August 13th at 9:00am
    • Thursday, August 13th at 5:00pm
*Please see our Calendar on our homepage for Zoom meeting information for these events.
3. Write a Letter of Support by filling out a survey below. We would love to have you share your experiences with Mission Prep and how our school has impacted your child. Please complete the support survey by Friday, August 14th. Thank you to our families who have contributed 83 letters of support already!
4. Attend SFUSD Board Meetings this fall to support our renewal! More information on dates for SFUSD Meetings will be shared when the dates and times have been scheduled.
Thank you, Mission Prep Families, for your support of and belief in our mission!