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with the technology they need for

Distance Learning.


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Suggested Donation Amounts:

  • $50.00 - covers the cost of sending home supplemental materials
  • $100.00 - covers the cost of a new computer license
  • $250.00 - covers the cost of a new Chromebook
Any amount you can contribute towards this need is deeply appreciated.

Our Current Needs

 At Mission Prep, our 419 Prepsters are now in Shelter in Place due to the concerns and hazards of our current health pandemic. Our Prepsters are craving both routine and the opportunity to continue working hard to reach their academic goals this year. We have pivoted our energy completely in order to build a Distance Learning Program. Our entire team of 52 faculty members is eager to launch our full platform on April 6th. In order to do this successfully, we need to put a few more computers in our kids’ hands - so far, we have distributed 243 computers, but we need an additional 20 computers to put directly into our students' hands. We ask for your support in our endeavors to purchase the hardware, licenses, and materials we need to provide access to all of our Prepsters. With your help, we can overcome this crisis.

 We thank you for considering a donation to Mission Prep at this great time of need.

 Thank you to our supporters for putting technology in the hands of our Prepsters this month!

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