Access is Everything


Provide our Prepsters with what they need for distance learning and

help our team continue provide an incredible learning experience this year!


We're at 10% of our goal! Thank you to all of our donors!
Our goal is to fundraise $35,000 for the following ongoing critical needs:
    • 30 Hotspots provides every Prepster and their family with wifi for the entire school year!
      • $50 covers the cost of WIFI for a Prepster and their family for 1 quarter
      • $100 covers the cost of WIFI for a Prepster and their family for 1 semester
    • 40 Chromebooks provides every Prepster a Chromebook for the entire school year! 
      • $250 covers the cost of a Chromebook for one Prepster
      • $1,000 covers the cost of Chromebooks for four Prepsters
    • Continued access to new learning platforms
Your support will directly impact our Prepsters and give them the access and resources they deserve! Any amount you can contribute towards this need is deeply appreciated.
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Our Story

The school year has officially launched virtually as of August 24th and we could not be more proud of how our Prepsters are showing up each day. We are grateful to be with them again, even though it is through the distance. We commit to building stronger relationships than ever and to delivering a rigorous, innovative, and engaging learning experience for all 439 of our Prepsters.

While we are confident that we can execute our plan, we do need your help with critical resources at this time. You can play a role to ensure that our Prepsters can access our virtual learning experience all year long. With your donation, you can support our technology, learning, and social emotional needs throughout the pandemic.

We ask for the support of our community to help provide vital resources for our Prepsters at this time. Any donation amount is appreciated.

We appreciate your ongoing support of our vision of

Every child. Every minute. Every day.


Thank you to our donors for your contributions towards our
Access is Everything
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